We grow each of our strains in house, in separate small batch rooms. These small rooms allow us to control all aspects of the plants’ environment, creating perfect microclimates based on each strain’s particular preferences.  It’s amazing how different each stain can be.  Just subtle adjustments in temperature, humidity, air flow, or soil mixture can allow for a particular strain to exhibit its full potential and beauty that was previously unseen.  We take pride in the results of this fine tuning, and continue to observe and refine our technique.  This method also allows for a level of general quality control that is impossible in large, open grows.

Our plants are grown in high quality, rich, organic soil. We mix our soil in house to make a perfect medium for strong healthy roots.  We make sure to flush out all the nutrients from the soil for the last two weeks of the plants’ life cycle.  This ensures that the flowers will have an exceptionally smooth and flavorful taste. Whether you are smoking a bubbler, a joint, or vaping in your Pax, you will taste only the flower’s naturally sweet and complex flavors.

We don’t spray our plants with synthetic chemical pesticides of any kind, period.  Our small batch system naturally minimizes pests and allows us to easily utilize safe, organic pest control methods, resulting in a product that tests pure time and time again.